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PartsWEB, one of the Japan's largest specialists in used auto parts for imported cars to Japan, has 10 stores nationwide. We sell and ship high-quality used car parts for European cars and American cars, (e.g.MERCEDES-BENZ, BMW, VW, AUDI, PORSCHE, GM, Ford and Chrysler, etc.) all over the world. Additionally, we supply new parts, buy used/damaged vehicles in Japan nationwide. At the Neyagawa store, Osaka, We offer scratch repair,auto body painting, car inspection and maintenance.

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Photo Make Car model Grade Steering year katashiki,
Japanese model name
Inventory No date updated Presence
PartsWEB Vehicles for used auto parts/Ford Fiesta / FordFiestaRight(2014)ABA-WF0SFJ0220100202020-10-22 11:21:08Yes
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PartsWEB Vehicles for used auto parts/  XLT/ XLTLeft(2014)ABA-1FMHK80920060782020-06-24 13:31:50Yes
人気エクスプローラー入庫しました!! 使えるパーツ多数あります。
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PartsWEB Vehicles for used auto parts/  XLT エコブ-スト/ XLT エコブ-ストLeft(2013)ABA-1FMHK9 0420060702020-06-11 16:56:41Yes
左前ダメージ有ります。 エンジン始動OKです。
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PartsWEB Vehicles for used auto parts/Ford Explore XLT/ FordExploreXLTLeft(2013)ABA-1FMHK80719110282019-11-28 17:34:05Yes
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Please make your inquiry by clicking either the “Picture of the Vehicle” button or the “Details” button shown as a result of your used-parts search. We have a large number of used auto parts, already taken out from Vehicles and they are not listed here. Just contact us by clicking the "Inquiries" button shown below
Unregistered vehicle information is also available. Just contact us!