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PartsWEB, one of the Japan's largest specialists in used auto parts for imported cars to Japan, has 10 stores nationwide. We sell and ship high-quality used car parts for European cars and American cars, (e.g.MERCEDES-BENZ, BMW, VW, AUDI, PORSCHE, GM, Ford and Chrysler, etc.) all over the world. Additionally, we supply new parts, buy used/damaged vehicles in Japan nationwide. At the Neyagawa store, Osaka, We offer scratch repair,auto body painting, car inspection and maintenance.

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The Benefits of Used Parts
Parts Storage Procedures
All our stores have similar inventories. In addition to the warehouse inventories, there are many products that haven’t yet been removed from the parts-supply vehicles at our stores.
The engine is the heart of the car. If it doesn’t function well, the car can’t run!
Our experienced staff thoroughly inspects the engine. This inspection includes the sound that each part makes at the time of startup and how dirty the engine oil is. We provide you with used parts that have passed stringent quality inspections performed by our experts.
Needless to say, we also offer engine accessories (throttles and sensors).
Torque Converters and Automatic Transmissions

In recent years, various automatic types have become available in the market.
As with engines, we have abundant inventories of various makes and models.
When removing parts from the body, we check inside the oil pan to see if residue

Torque Converters and Automatic Transmissions
Alternator (AC Dynamo) Cell Motors

Engine-support equipment plays an important role in a car’s operation.
Alternator (AC dynamo) cell motors
Other Equipment: A/C compressors, P/S pumps
Recently, more diversity can be seen in the engine-support equipment in some models (as well as their specifications).
Thanks to our large inventory, we can accommodate all kinds of customer needs.

Alternator (AC Dynamo) Cell Motors
A/C Compressors

Have your car inspected if the air conditioner isn’t working properly!!
For example, we quite often receive inquiries about, and make sales of, three-bolt installation type A/C compressors for Mercedes-Benz (models from 1996 or later).
(Used for W202, W210, etc.)

A/C Compressors
Various Types of Computers
We have abundant inventories for various types of computers such as engine-control, ABS and ECU, as well as meters for a variety of brands, including Mercedes-Benz. When you provide us with the parts numbers, we search our inventories for them and other usable parts as well. We also have many other inventories. (Some used parts are unusable now due to recent security [safety] reasons. Please contact us for details.)
Various Types of Computers
Drive Shafts
The boot is broken due to deterioration, and the bearing makes abnormal noises due to the lack of grease.
To repair these problems with new parts, the repair cost will be quite high. It’s much less costly to replace the drive shaft with a used one.
For our inventories we carefully select drive shafts and only keep those with the excellent bearing conditions
Drive Shafts
Door Mirrors

We carry various types of door mirrors. In recent years the diversity in types of door mirror has expanded due to model improvements.

In our inventories, some of door mirrors for Mercedes-Benz are usable regardless of the type of steering wheel.
We will inform you of the applicability after confirming the product(s) with the frame number.
Door Mirrors
Power Steering Rack
Fluid leakage may occur due to the deterioration of internal seals.
If you detect any abnormal noise when operating a steering wheel, check the power-steering fluid and the area where leakage has occurred.
Most of the time, radiators must be replaced because of water leakage. If the LLC isn’t replaced periodically, the radiator may become clogged by rust, which may cause overheating. We eliminate radiators having dirty, rusty coolant and only select those with clean coolant for our inventories.

We have many xenon (HID discharge) headlights in our inventories.
Although xenon lights are more expensive than halogen types, used ones are much more affordable!!

Xenon lights are recommended as a way to dress up your car.?
You may be able to turn your car into the most recent model by merely replacing the taillights!
As with xenon lights, it’s recommended that you replace the taillights to dress up your car. Just ask us!
Power Window Regulators

If the power window regulator breaks, the windows won’t go up.
If it rains before the regulator is repaired, it will be miserable. Repair it quickly, before rain comes!

Does your muffler make any abnormal noise?
We carry all sorts of mufflers, such as catalyst mufflers, sub-mufflers and rear mufflers.

  • ・ Additionally, we always carry many other parts in our inventories, such as external parts, suspensions, interior parts and heater-related parts. Just ask us!!