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PartsWEB, one of the Japan’s largest specialists in parts for imported cars to japan, has 10 stores nationwide. We ship high-quality used parts for European cars, including MERCEDES-BENZ, BMW, VW, AUDI and PORSCHE, as well as those of American makers, including GM, Ford and Chrysler, and serve customers domestically and internationally. Additionally, we supply new parts, buy used/damaged cars (within Japan only), and offer scratch repair, auto body painting, car inspection and maintenance (services available at the Osaka Neyagawa store only).

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Business Hours

9:00 ? 17:30 (Mon. ? Sat.) Closing Days: Sundays, statutory holidays, summer holidays, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day
We accept inquiries made by fax or internet (inquiry form and e-mail) for 24 hours and 365 days.
For the inquiries made during the above closing days, we’ll reply within the next three business days.

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Inquiry Details
* Please attach the photo that explains the status of the car.
* As a general rule, we’ll reply to you within three business days after we receive your inquiry. If you haven’t received our reply after three business days have passed, it is possible that an error occurred. Please resend us the form or contact us by telephone.