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PartsWEB, one of the Japan's largest specialists in used auto parts for imported cars to Japan, has 10 stores nationwide. We sell and ship high-quality used car parts for European cars and American cars, (e.g.MERCEDES-BENZ, BMW, VW, AUDI, PORSCHE, GM, Ford and Chrysler, etc.) all over the world. Additionally, we supply new parts, buy used/damaged vehicles in Japan nationwide. At the Neyagawa store, Osaka, We offer scratch repair,auto body painting, car inspection and maintenance.

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Used Parts/Components
We carry a variety of used parts/components for imported/foreign cars.
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PartsWEB is a specialist in used parts for imported cars. We take the parts you want from high-quality parts-supply vehicles, and sell and ship them to any countries. Please feel free to contact us.

We have established nationwide connections with dealers in Jpan. If it’s hard to install the purchased parts by yourself, please consult with a dealer or a shop near you for used-parts installation services. Installation services are also available at our Neyagawa Store.

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