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PartsWEB, one of the Japan's largest specialists in used auto parts for imported cars to Japan, has 10 stores nationwide. We sell and ship high-quality used car parts for European cars and American cars, (e.g.MERCEDES-BENZ, BMW, VW, AUDI, PORSCHE, GM, Ford and Chrysler, etc.) all over the world. Additionally, we supply new parts, buy used/damaged vehicles in Japan nationwide. At the Neyagawa store, Osaka, We offer scratch repair,auto body painting, car inspection and maintenance.

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Used Parts List
Used OPEL Parts/Components Parts List and Inventory
Now you can view / search the inventory for used OPEL parts/components. There are two ways to conduct a search for inventory: by vehicle and by parts / components. (You can choose from the list shown below.) So, please feel free to contact us. Once we receive your mail orders from, we'll check our inventory and deliver our high-quality products to customers throughout world wide. We believe you will be satisfied our services only a specialty store can offer. If you don’t want to search by yourself, please click here to contact us.
We have established nationwide connections with dealers in Japan. If it's hard to install the purchased parts by yourself, please consult a dealer in Japan or a shop near you for used car parts installation services.
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Search Vehicles for Used auto parts

* You can search our vehicles for used auto parts updated to the latest . In case you cannot find the vehicle you’re looking for, please click here to contact us. These cars are only these few month's inventory. This is because once we take all usable parts from them, they will be deleted from this page.

View the parts inventory

You can view / search some of our parts inventory ( parts you can search are limited to parts who have a link, colored blue).
Inventory of non-linked used parts can’t be viewed. For more information on those products, please contact us using the form.

Car Make Parts Classification Parts Inventory (You can see our inventory only the Parts Having a Link, in blue)
and the Parts that We Handle
OPEL Engine, supercharger, cooling-system parts Engines, radiators,, air-flow sensors, air-flow meters, air-mass sensors, throttle actuators, air cleaners, fan couplings, air pumps, direct coils, fuel desbi throttle bodies, turbo turbines, intercoolers, power-steering oil coolers, electric fans
OPEL Clutch, transmission, differential-related parts Transmissions (gear boxes),, rear differential gears, front differential gears, transfer cases , differential gears, automatic/manual transmissions
OPEL Computer, ECU-related parts Engine computers, ECU, CPU, ABS system, air suspensions, transmissions, cruise computers, sheet heaters, power windows, sheet position, sheet memory, winkers/sheet belts/lamps/optical axis adjusters/mirror columns, wipers, cruise controllers, relays, ESPs, airbag sensors
OPEL Suspension and related parts Left front shafts , right front shafts , left rear shafts , right rear shafts , rear propeller shafts, front propeller shafts, ABC pumps, air suspensions, coil springs, regulators, accumulators, arms, upper arms, rotors, lower arms, brake calipers, shock absorbers, knuckles, tension arms, coil springs, stabilizers, stabi-rods, struts, spindles
OPEL Steering-related parts Steering pumps, steering gear boxes, racks and pinions,power steering pumps, steering gear boxes, power steering racks, steering wheels, steering
OPEL Brake-related parts Front/rear brake calipers, brake master cylinders, brake pedals, hand-brake levers
OPEL Muffler-related parts Catalyzers, mufflers, muffler cutters
OPEL Lights Left headlights, right headlights, left taillights, right taillights, left inner taillights (attached to trunks), right inner taillights (attached to trunks), corner lights, fog lamps, high-mount brake lights, headlights
OPEL Exterior, aero, glass

Front hoods (engine hoods) , left front fenders , right front fenders , left front doors ,right front doors , left rear doors (including sliding doors) , right rear doors (including sliding doors) ,front door glass ,rear glass , rear gates(goes up) ,left back doors (gatefold back doors of American cars, etc.) , right back doors (gatefold back doors of American cars, etc.) , trunks, front bumpers, rear bumpers、door mirrors, door mirror covers, door molding, bumper molding, front grilles, door visors, diffusers, side sill plates, kick plates, scuff plates

OPEL Electrical devices, meters Starters, alternators , interior lamps, ESP sensors, acceleration sensors, gas/side airbag sensors, CD changers, TV tuners, power antennas, power window regulators, power window motors, dynamos, alternators, ABS units, air-flow sensors, wiper motors, igniters, top oil pumps, cell motors, air-conditioner control units, air conditioner switches, ESP units, central door-lock pumps, blower motors, blower registers, window switches, back mirror switches, sliding roof switches, headlight switches, hazard switches, blinker levers, wiper levers, cruise-control levers, speedometers, meters, sunroof motors, door-lock motors, blind motors, trunk-lock motors, TV tuners, navigators, cassette decks, CD/MD decks, iPod connection terminals, cell-phone connection terminals, amplifiers, radios, CD changers, woofers, speakers, electric fans, fan couplings, ignition coils (IG coils), fuel pumps, direct coils, relays, spare keys
OPEL Air conditioner parts, others A/C (air conditioner) compressors, evaporators, capacitors, heater cases, air-conditioner switches, temperature sensors, spare tires, jacks, spanners, in-vehicle tools
OPEL Consumable parts Brake pads, pad sensors, wiper rubber parts, batteries, air-conditioner filters, oil filters, air filters
* Except for special occasions, we recommend the use of new parts for consumables. Please click here for an inquiry.>>


・Currently, you can’t view the all used parts inventory except for that have a link. Please contact us using the used-parts inquiry form provided on the site for them.

・The information is renewed periodically. Please be aware that since it isn’t renewed on a real-time basis, even though it is displayed as “in the inventory” on the screen, the product(s) may have been already sold out by the time you contact us.
・Please note that some parts are sold only in sets (assembly products).
・The product(s) may not pass the inspection conducted upon shipping for some reasons (e.g., it was damaged during the storage). So, please be sure to confirm the inventory with us, even though it is displayed as “in the inventory” on the screen.

・Although we sequentially register each product into the inventory upon arrival, some parts aren’t displayed on the inventory list if the registration is delayed. Please contact us anyway, even though you can’t find the part(s) you want on the screen. We will immediately check the inventory of the product(s) you seek.